Property Interlink started processing appraisals in Grand Junction, Colorado, in 2010, with an initial pipeline of several hundred appraisals in the first year. Over the next four years, the company increased its annual workload exponentially.

In 2014, Property Interlink was acquired by Starrex International, which brought a host of industry contacts, as well as new investment capital. With an influx of customers and the means to serve them, Property Interlink was soon performing thousands of appraisals per month. This rapid increase in volume was made possible in large part by a commitment to technology-assisted solutions for order tracking, panel management, and quality control. New features and integrations with other systems, including LOS tools such as Encompass, are introduced to the platform on a regular basis.

With streamlined systems, our network of appraisers and the technical ability to facilitate data management and order processing, Property Interlink is positioned to take on immense appraisal volume. We are poised to grow our lender and appraiser base, and continually improve customer service as we do so.