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We're Changing

When Propoerty Interlink was acquired by Concordia Group Holdings, we, along with several other acquired companies, embarked on a journey to transform multiple companies into one community of valuation experts. 
The talent from the various companies has been brought together under a unified leadership team, and our collection of companies is becoming known as Ascribe.
Ascribe has positioned itself to be in the top tier of appraisal and valuation management companies in the United States with:
  • A full product suite that includes residential and commercial appraisals, evaluations, and inspections, as well as REO asset   management services
  • National licensing and coverage, including U.S. territories
  • A nationwide panel of over 30,000 appraisers, brokers, and agents
  • Offices and employees in all U.S. time zones
What lies ahead for Ascribe started with a look back at the ideas and innovations that brought each unique company success. These individual accomplishments are now our collective best practices, which will help to inform and transform the future of Ascribe.
What hasn’t changed?
Our commitment to you: to provide our clients with high-quality, compliant valuation services and a personalized customer experience.


We are happy to answer any questions you may have about Property Interlink’s evolution to Ascribe.


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