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Premium Services

We specialize in providing high-quality appraisals and reviews, prompt service and competitive pricing.

Experienced Team

Our team seeks out local appraisers with geographic competency, property knowledge and technical proficiency.

Great Support

Our staff thrives on solving challenges and providing valuation reports so clients can make better business decisions.

Experience with a Personal Touch

Experienced. Compliant. Trusted.

Property Interlink’s experienced staff handles the appraisal management process from start to finish. We utilize technology that will customize the process to increase efficiency and control costs for our clients. Our appraisal management procedures streamline the appraisal-ordering process helping reduce many of the manual tasks and complexities associated with managing today’s appraisal process. By ordering your appraisals through Property Interlink, you can get back to what you do best and leave the appraisal part to us.

Our appraisal reports are ordered according to state and federal requirements, and include any client-specific requirements. Our appraisers will have your specific instructions on each order making for a seamless process. As a function of Property Interlink, you’ll be informed during each step of the appraisal process. Our system offers real-time updates to give you the most current information available on your order. Additionally, each report goes through our quality-control process prior to final delivery.
End to end service
Technology driving efficiency and savings
State and federally compliant reports
Real time updates
Vetted, experienced professionals

The Property Interlink panel of appraisers is composed of experienced professionals, who are selected by Property Interlink throughout our on-boarding process. Communication with our appraiser panel is a top priority for Property Interlink, both during the appraisal process as well as after the report is completed should our client request a revision. Property Interlink works with our appraiser panel to remain compliant with industry standards and regulations, and provides the expectations of appraiser independence with each order.


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